End of term 1 and goodbye to Quiles

Mark Phelan

Saturday, December 19, 2015


Term 1 at KCELL has drawn to a close in what has been a hugely successful few months. By now all KCELLers will have their academy hoodies (main picture) and we must thank BI for their heavy subsidy of these hoodies and giving them to us at a hugely reduced price. 

We have had amazing input from coaches such as Joshua Magee, Daniel Magee, Joris Grosjean, Rachael Darragh, Jennie Magee and Juan Manuel Fernandez Quiles, or Quiles as he has been known to everyone. It is also with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Quiles as he returns to Spain on a permanent basis. Quiles has been a huge part of KCELL from its inception and I think it is fair to say that all at KCELL have learned a lot from our favourite Spaniard (except for the frog jumps that is) 

We wish Quiles all the best for the future and we will miss him around on Sunday's. Moving forward we will be back with our Sunday sessions on January 10th 2016 with some slightly revised times and we will be announcing some new coaches to step in where Quiles has left off.  Juniors - 10am to 11.30am, Senior 1 - 11.30am to 1pm & Senior 2 1.30pm to 3pm. 

Looking into the future we hope to add a midweek session from beginning of March. Right now we need to be patient in that regard as we wait for a time slot to become free in the hall. Wednesday is now looking possible with 3 one hour’s slots and there will be a new monthly fee applicable when we do kick in with the additional sessions. We have also started moving some players around between the groups and over the Christmas break we will finalise the groups from the next term with a few players moving up. 

All players have made huge progress and you will also have noticed that we have started to encourage some of our older group to get involved with coaching. This is a hugely important part of the academies development as it is important to bring new faces into the coaching world also and the players in question have been a huge asset to the set up over the past weeks. It is a priority for me to keep encouraging our young adults to get involved with coaching as after all they are the future.

For January we will have a very limited few spaces available in all three groups so if you know anyone who has been thinking about getting involved in KCELL get them to contact me immediately. The few spaces will be filled on a first come first served basis. 

For now, can I thank everyone who has helped in any way with the success of KCELL to date. I wish everyone a peaceful Christmas and a SMASHING New Year.