Mark Phelan

Sunday, August 09, 2015

KCELL had its first session today Sunday August 9th with 32 players between the ages of 7 & 17 taking part in two sessions that ran from 10am to 1pm. After months of preparation the kids were put through their paces by Irish Internationals Joshua Magee & Rachael Darragh with guest coach for the day Joris Grosjean of France bringing his expertise to Kilcullen. 

Both sessions had extensive focus on the importance of proper warm up and cool down exercise highlighting the important of both in any badminton training session. Some front court net strokes were practiced with a high level of technical ability shown by all the eager players. 

The end of the session was dedicated to some tough physical work with the players being put through some rigorous routines by the coaches. 

Joshua Magee, Rachael Darragh and cell director Mark Phelan went to local radio station KFM radio for an interview with Sunday Sportsbeat presenter Cien Meade who gave 15 minutes of valuable air time to KCELL. We will have a copy of this interview over the coming games. 

All in all a successful start to KCELL's life as a Badminton Ireland feeder cell and we look forward to learning from today and improving as we go. 

Thanks to all the players who attended and their parents for their support.

The Kcell team.