Mark Phelan

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

KCELL Badminton Academy is well into its first term with in excess of 45 students availing of the Sunday sessions in Kilcullen Sports Complex. Our junior group (ages 7 to 11) train for two hours from 10am to midday and even in such a short period all coaches can see a huge improvement in all players. With a focus on footwork and the basic net, mid court and rear court shots the kids are really starting to fine tune their technique under the watchful eye of the KCELL coaches.

The older group is split into two session between midday and 1.30pm and 2pm and 3.30pm. Already after 7 weeks there are a few students in the first of the older group ready to take the plunge and train with the more advanced second group. This is a huge testament to their dedication and willingness to learn. 

The elite players too have been putting in some hard graft mixing technique with a fair degree of physical work at the end of each session. There have been some very good tournament results from some of the older group with the Downey twins bagging both the Ulster and Leinster A Open boys U13 doubles in the past few weeks. 

All players have had the use of the electronic shuttle feeding machine which KCELL has been testing over the past few weeks. The machine has proved a big hit with all players while offering the coaches that extra tool for coaching. 

"The machine (pictured) has allowed us to set up certain drills while controlling the machine via remote control. This allows us to stay with the student and instantly correct anything that needs attention rather than being on the opposite side of the net with an arm ful of multi shuttles and a racket in hand" Mark Phelan KCELL director. 

KCELL has also managed to avail of the coaching talents of Irish National coach Daniel Magee and Jennie Magee in addition to Joshua Magee and Quiles which has given a certain diversity to the sessions. KCELL has also been gaining traction with a wider audience so watch out for the next edition of the Badminton Ireland SMASH magazine where there will be a feature on KCELL.

The academy is also in the process of getting hoodies embroidered with the academy logo detailing the coloured shuttle and the KCELL text with the ladder symbolising the steps to success. We hope to have these available in the coming weeks. 

If you need anymore information on KCELL call or email Mark via the contacts page of this website and don't forget to follow KCELL on facebook at www.facebook.com/kcellbadmintonacademy and twitter @KCELLBA